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About Us

We are family / homely managed at Clamonic House

My Father (Tuaji Dadung) is the owner of Clamonic House
I am (Bagus) Operations Manager , Reservations , Accounting , Online Marketing at Clamonic House My Mother (Ibu Sagung) is Chef at Clamonic House
My Brother (Gus Ray) is Property Maintenance at Clamonic House
My Sister (Ratih) is Sales & Marketing at Clamonic House

As a Family Management , we will be happy to welcoming you as an our new balinese family in our house :)

Clamonic House

Nusa Dua - Bali
Jl . Siligita , Permata Nusa Dua Block IV no.1 Bali Contact us : +62 361 77 4809 | Mobile : +6281 3533 02230 (Whatsapp)
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Don't worry, your details are safe with us.

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